How to Register for IATBA Membership

The 2020 IATBA Championships will run over two weekends at the National Boxing Stadium beginning Friday 06 March.

Closing date for entries is Wednesday 26 Feb 2020 at 11pm.

To enter the championships, students must first become members of the Irish Athletic Third-level Boxing Association via Clubforce.

Click on the icon below to register.


You can also enter on mobile using the Clubforce app.

This opens the IATBA Athlete Membership Form 2019/20.


Choose the number of boxers you want to register, e.g., 1, and click ‘Add to Cart’. Then click ‘Next’.


The IATBA Membership Registration plan details page opens.

Complete all required fields and click next.

This opens the payment page.

Highlight payment by Cash/Cheque if yours fees will be paid by the club or college by cheque or bank transfer. You won’t be charged a fee at this stage.

Otherwise choose pay by credit/debit card.


After payment you will receive an email confirming your registration with information like this:


The email also contains a link allowing you to log in to your client account.

Finally, submit a picture of your student ID for confirmation of your student status.

To do this:

  1. Login to your account via Click on ‘Log In’ in the top right corner.
  2. Then choose ‘Member Login’.
  3. Here, a member can access all data to do with their registrations, such as receipts, communication preferences and much more. On both the menu in the left hand side, and the tab above registrations, simply select ‘Document Wallet’ to access the upload menu for this feature.



4. Members will be presented with the following screen below, where they can manage previously uploaded documents and add new ones. Any previously uploaded document can be viewed, downloaded or deleted by the member.


5. To add a document, a member must select an option from each of the drop down menus shown below. Once the member has selected an option in each of the menus, they simply have to upload the student ID picture from their computer or phone by clicking ‘Choose File’ under ‘Upload your photographs’.

Note: Ignore the Birth Cert, Passport, Garda Vetting, Safeguarding, First Aid etc. options. Only the upload of your Student ID Card is required!

6. Once this is done, click Save and Upload Documents. The file will be uploaded and the IATBA will be able to access this for our records.

Now that you have registered for IATBA membership successfully you can enter the 2019/20 IATBA Championships.

Click the icon below to enter.


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