2019/20 IATBA Championships Entry

How to Complete the IATBA Championships Entry Form

Click on the icon below to enter.


This opens the 2019/20 IATBA Championships Registration Plan.

From the drop down menus choose the appropriate Entry Plan and the number of entries required (may choose up to 10). Up to 3 coaches per college can enter their details for free. Click ‘Add to Cart’ and then ‘Next’.

This opens the entry form(s). The data required for the entry forms are outlined in Entry forms.

Once the form is successfully completed, Click ‘Next’. This opens the payment page.

Highlight payment by Cash/Cheque if yours fees will be paid by the club or college by cheque or bank transfer. You won’t be charged a fee at this stage.

Otherwise choose pay by credit/debit card and then complete the payment of €32 by card.

All payments will be recorded by the system and receipts emailed to you, should you require refunds.

In Youth entry forms Parents or Guardians must give consent for the boxer to be filmed or photographed during the event.

Finally, take pictures of your student ID card and the front cover and inside page of yopur boxing record book showing your name and the registration number of your book. Email these pictures to iatba2010@gmail.com.

Boxers must take the appropriate care in filling out the entry to ensure they select the correct experience categories and weight classes. The boxer must be able to make the weight they entered on weigh-in on the first day of competition or else they will be eliminated from the championships.