IATBA Intervarsity Opens Semi-Finals

2013 IATBA Intervarsity Open

2013 IATBA Intervarsity Open

The IATBA Intervarsity Opens conclude next weekend with the semis and finals at the National stadium. Weigh-in on Saturday will be from 10.30-1130 am. Boxing to start at 12 pm. There will be a €5 cover charge  for entry to stadium on both days. Boxers must make weight category they have entered each day. Weigh-in on Sunday from  0800-0900 am. Boxing to commence afterwards.

Saturday March 2nd Contests – Provisional

Red                                                                                              Blue


1. 64 Kg S/F Terry Keegan (DCU)                                       Faheem Noonan (GMIT)

2. 64 Kg SF Sean Cuddy (DCU)                                        Fionnbarr Thompson (UL)

3. 67 Kg S/F Jack Higgins (NUIG)                                             Kieran Farrell (NUIG)

4. 67 Kg S/F Brian Fitzsimons (ITB)                                          Louis Cronin (UCC)

5. 71 Kg S/F Robert Egan (DCU)            Eoin Raftery (DCU)/Daniel Fulham (ITT, D)

6. 71 Kg S/F Jack Ebbs (ITT, D)/Samir Parker (GMIT)  Keith Neary (LyIT)/Adam Bruton (DIT)

7. 75 Kg S/F Kayode Ayidne (ITTD)                                 Kyle Preston Kelly (UL)

8. 81 Kg S/F Edwin Whelan (ITT, D)                                      Shane Trimble (DIT)

9. 81 kg S/F Jamie O Keefe (UCC)                                    Conor Keane (IT Tralee)

10. 91 Kg S/F David Lynam (NUIG) W/O

11. 91+ Kg S/F Jack Kennedy (GMIT)                                Ryan Dempsey (GMIT)

12. 91+ Kg S/F Kenneth Kelleher (UCC)                      Ceginkas Egiditus (IT Tralee)


13. 71Kg S/F Gavin Butler (LIT)                                              Jamie Griffin (NUIM)

14. 71 Kg S/F Bryan Walsh (DIT)                                             David Lewis (UL)


15. 69Kg S/F Sheosamh Ferry (UL)                                        Craig McCarthy (WIT)

16. 69Kg S/F Michael Bustard (Trinity)                                    Conor Duffy (DCU)

1 thought on “IATBA Intervarsity Opens Semi-Finals

  1. brother supposed to be boxing in finals can you give details of these as am away and have to book flight fir same

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