Irish Third-level Boxing Championships 2017


The Irish Athletic Third-level Boxing Association are proud to announce details of the upcoming Irish Boxing Championships for College and University Students at the home of Irish Boxing, the National Stadium.

Venue: National Boxing Stadium, 145 South Circular Road, Dublin 8
Dates: March 4th, 5th ,10th,11th and 12th 2017

Registration & Entry Weigh-in: Saturday March 4th 2017 at 9:30-11:00 am

Novices weigh in on first day and Finals day. Boxers in all other categories weigh-in on day they box from 8:30-9:30 am.

Draw: Takes place shortly after the close of weigh-in on Saturday March 4th 2017

Boxing: Contingent on entries, details to be announced after the competition draw.

Note: The term “Elite” refers to age classification only and is not related to the ability or experience of the Boxer.

Elite: Male and Female Competitors between the ages of 19 – 40 years old in 2017.
Youth: Male and Female Competitors aged 17-18 years old in 2017.

Qualifying Criteria:

1. Competitors must be Elite Boxers, born between January 1st 1977 – December 31 1998, or Youth Boxers, aged 17 – 18 years old in 2017; born between January 1st 1999 – 15 January 2000.
2. Competitors must be fully registered and hold a student card for the institution with which they are internally registered for the current academic year.
3. Competitors must be currently pursuing a course of study that leads to an award ranked at a minimum of Level 6 up to Level 10 on the Quality and Qualifications Ireland’s (QQI) National Framework of Qualifications, or minimum Level 3 up to Level 8 on the Northern Ireland National Qualifications Framework.
4. Competitors must be currently registered members of the IABA, and members of an affiliated Boxing Club of the IABA.

Categories for Elite Male Competitors are:

•  Junior Novice (0-5 bouts and first registered between 03 Mar 2016 – 03 Mar 2017)
•  Senior Novice (0-12 bouts and first registered between 01 Jan 2014 – 31 Dec 2016)
•  Intermediate (13-35 bouts)
•  Senior (> 35 bouts)

Note: The Junior Novice Category is intended for Competitors that are in boxing for no more than a year. Competitors that are in boxing between 1 and 3 years, and have less than 13 bouts must compete in the Senior Novice Category regardless of the number of bouts on their record book. This is to ensure that Boxers with more sparring experience do not obtain an unfair advantage over less experienced Boxers. All Novice Competitors must include their date of registration on the Competition Entry Form (this will be checked at registration).

Categories for Elite Female Competitors are:

•  Novice (0-3 bouts and first registered between 01 Jan 2014 – 03 Mar 2017)
•  Intermediate (4-12 bouts)
•  Senior (> 12 bouts)

Youth Category

•  Open class


Youth, Elite Intermediate & Elite Senior Categories:
Female 48Kg; 51Kg; 54Kg; 57Kg; 60Kg; 64Kg; 69Kg; 75Kg; 81Kg; >81Kg (10 weights)
Male      49Kg; 52Kg; 56Kg; 60Kg; 64Kg; 69Kg; 75Kg; 81Kg; 91Kg; >91Kg (10 weights)

Women  46Kg; 48Kg; 50Kg; 52Kg; 54Kg; 57Kg; 60Kg; 63Kg; 66Kg; 70Kg; 75Kg; 80Kg; 86Kg (13 weights)
Men         48Kg, 51Kg, 54Kg, 57Kg, 60Kg, 64Kg, 67Kg, 71Kg, 75Kg, 81Kg, 86Kg, 91Kg,         >91Kg (13 weights)


•  Competitor entry fee is €30
•  Competitors must produce their Boxing Medical Book and their valid Student                         Identification Card for the current academic year.
•  Entries are subject to vetting and it is a condition of entry that all competitors and officials shall have signed the IABA Waiver / Members Acknowledgement Form.

Important – Entries will only be accepted once approved by the third-level institutions’ Sports Officers / Students Services Staff member. Boxers can only compete with the permission of their academic institutions’ sports officer or equivalent.

Irish Athletic Third-level Boxing Association (IATBA) Boxing competitions are governed in accordance with the rules and regulations of the International Boxing Association (AIBA). The Official in Charge of the competition will follow the AIBA Open Boxing (AOB) Competition Rules.
Each Competitor presented by his or her Club shall be fit to box. This is the responsibility of the Club.

Competitors must have one Red and one Blue Vest. Coaches must wear tracksuits and trainers at all sessions, and endeavour to set a high standard of hygiene in the corners. Novice Males and all Females competitors must wear headguards. Competitors with long hair must keep it contained within the headguard with a hair net or bandanna.

Boxers must present themselves clean shaven for weigh-ins and bouts, and advise details of any medication they are taking, or have taken in the preceding 4 weeks. All body piercings must be removed before attending the weigh-in. Hair clips cannot be used.

Gum Shields: Red, Orange or Pink coloured gumshields are forbidden. Any competitor entering the ring with either colour gumshield will not be allowed to box and a walkover to their opponent will be called.

Sportsmanship: All decisions must be accepted in a sporting manner.

Entering the Championships

Entries are made via the online entry form.

The closing date for entries is Tuesday, 28th Feb 2017.

Payment of Fees Due to Irish Athletic Third-level Boxing Association (IATBA)

Third-level institutions entering Competitors for IATBA Championships must pay a membership fee of €100 to the IATBA for the year. Once entries are received from students, the College’s Sport Officers / College Boxing Team Officials will be contacted by IATBA to organise membership payment as soon as possible in order to facilitate the administration of the Championships.

Competitor entry fees are requested to be paid before the closing date, preferably by bank transfer.

Queries regarding these Championships can be sent to

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