Entries Open for 2019 Irish Third-level Boxing Championships

Entries are now open for the 2019 Irish Third-level Boxing Championships.

To complete the entry, two online forms must be completed. The first is the IATBA Membership Form for 2018/19 below. Once the registration form is submitted the link to the entry form will be available.

Note: Information submitted in the entry form must be correct. Entrants will be vetted. Any entrant found to have understated their level of experience will be removed from the championships.

Entry fee of €30 will be requested once the entry form is submitted.

Any questions regarding the championships may be submitted by email to iatba2010@gmail.com

Information circular for the championships is available here: https://iatba.ie/2019/01/23/irish-third-level-boxing-championships-2019/


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