Update on Entries for 2019 IATBA Championships



Regular online entries will close at midnight on 26 February 2019. Late entries will be taken up to midnight on 28 February 2019 at a higher fee of €40. Best to get entered on time and save your money!


Colleges will be invoiced for outstanding fees after the entries close on 26 February. Students whom wish to pay their own entry fees must request a link by emailing iatba2010@gmail.com


To complete the entry, two online forms must be completed. The first is the IATBA Membership Form for 2018/19 here.

Note: Information submitted in the entry form must be correct. Entrants will be vetted. Any entrant found to have understated their level of experience will be removed from the championships.

The second form is the actual entry form here.

Some students have only completed the registration form and not the entry form, and so have not officially entered


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