2020 IATBA Championships Draw


The IATBA Intervarsity Boxing Championships will commence at the National Stadium on Friday evening, 06 March, with 16 quarter-finals contests down for decision. 145 student boxers entered the championships.

Semi-finals will be held on Saturday 07 March.

Finals will be held on Sunday 08 March.

Draw Sheets are available at the links below.

Boxers not listed on the draw sheets won their categories by walkover. These boxers are not required to weigh in to claim their championships.

Quarter Finals_SESSION1 06.03.2020

Semi-finals Day 2

Sunday Finals IATBA Championships

Schedule of the Championships
Important: All Intermediate and Senior boxers have to weigh-in on the day(s) they compete.
Novice boxers weigh-in on the first day they compete and on finals day.

Weigh-in: 8am – 9am (Boxers must indicate if they are using this option – no weight allowance at morning weigh-in)
5pm – 6pm (Boxers have an allowance of exactly 1KG due to an evening weigh-in)

Boxing: 7:30pm in the National Boxing Stadium

Weigh-in: 8am – 9am (For all boxers except novice boxers having their second contest of the championships. All finalists must weigh in)

Boxing: 11am in the National Boxing Stadium
34 semi-finals followed by 11 finals.

Weigh-in: 8am – 9am (For all boxers)

Boxing: 11am in the H.P. Gym at the National Boxing Stadium.

Important to note that any boxer who fails to make their designated championship weight is automatically out of the championships. It is imperative that coaches make sure their boxers are on or below their weight to avoid disappointment.

Any boxers intending on doing the Friday morning weigh-in must notify the IATBA by email at iatba.2010@gmail.com before 5pm on Thursday 05 March. Otherwise, they will be expected at the evening weigh-in.

Male boxers must be clean shaven at the scales and upon entering the ring.

All novice boxers and all female boxers must wear headguards. Intermediate and Senior male boxers do not wear headguards.

Note: All colleges must have paid all the relevant entry fees in order for their students to compete.

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