Entries Open for 2022 IATBA Student Boxing Championships

Entries are now open for the 2022 IATBA Championships.

Note: Two forms MUST be submitted online to confirm your entry.

First complete the entry form below.

Data required for the registration is listed below (# 1 – 20).

Data required for the Entry form:

  1. Boxer’s name
  2. Boxer’s Gender
  3. Boxer’s Third-level Education Institution
  4. Boxer’s Student Registration No. / Student ID No.
  5. Award Level of Boxer’s Course of Study (Rep. of Ireland or NI)
  6. Third-level Institution’s Sports Officer/Student Services Officer Email Address
  7. Boxer’s Club
  8. Boxer’s Club’s Email Address
  9. Boxer’s Club Coach(es)
  10. Boxer’s Club Coach Phone Number
  11. Date of First Registration to IABA
  12. Boxing Card Number
  13. Number of Bouts
  14. Number of Bout Wins
  15. Other Fight Sport Experience
  16. Titles Won
  17. Email Address of College/University Boxing Team
  18. College/University Boxing Team Coach(es)
  19. College/University Boxing Team Coach’s Phone Number
  20. Competition Category & Weight Class


Click on the logo below to open the link to the payment page hosted by Clubforce. There are options to pay the €32 entry fee personally online by card or choose the “College Will Pay My Entry” (€0) if that applies.

Click on the logo to enter

Entries for the championships will close on Friday 18 February. The draw shall take place on Sunday 20th February and will be made available at http://www.iatba.ie.

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