IATBA Invitational Tournament

IATBA_BoxingThe Irish Amateur Third-level Boxing Association will be hosting an invitational tournament on Saturday, December 15th in the Ringside Club at the National Boxing Stadium, Dublin. This tournament would suit all boxers looking to gain competitive experience as Novice boxers before the IATBA Championships in Feb/Mar 2013. The tournament is open to male and female student boxers from Novice up to Senior standard. Boxers will be matched on weight and experience.

All boxers wishing to enter should complete the  competition entry form (click here). The college club email their boxers’ entry forms to their institution’s Head of Sport (Sports Officer), who should then forward the entries to iatba.2010@gmail.com. In colleges where there is no active club, boxers email their entry form directly to the Sports Officer. For this tournament, and all successive tournaments, IATBA will only accept entries from third-level Sports Officers.

A €5 entry fee per boxer applies. A cover charge for all spectators of €5 will also be in operation.

A check weigh-in will take place on the day to ensure no mismatches have occurred in terms of the weights of the boxers involved. A provisional start time of 1pm is envisaged with the check weigh-in taking place in the preceding hour. This start time is subject to change, depending on entries received. Entries must be received by 5pm on Wednesday, 12th December, 2012.


All boxers will be charged a €5 entry fee; payable at the scales. Boxers will be asked to show their student I.D card before weighing in.

All boxers must have an IABA boxing record book.

All Boxers must provide their own AIBA STANDARD & STAMPED head guard. Gloves will be provided.

No red/orange gum shields allowed.

Colleges are encouraged to wear their club colours if they have them, and to bring red and blue strips in case of a clash of colours.

Colleges must also return a completed IATBA Member Institutions form (click here), if they have not done so already, before entering boxers for this tournament.

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