2018 Irish Third-level Boxing Championships Entry Form

Entries are now open for the 2018 Irish Third-level Boxing Championships and must be submitted using the online entry form below. Information about the event is available via the competition circular.

Instructions for entry

Boxers may submit their own entry, but must input the email address of their college’s sports officer at the top of the form. Entries will only be accepted once approved by the third-level institutions’ Sports Officers / Students Services Staff member of their academic institution and on receipt of payment. Boxers can only compete with the permission of their academic institutions’ sports officer or equivalent. Sports Officers must ensure that their students meet the eligibility criteria listed in the competition circular.

Personal contact information of the boxer and their coach(es) is requested in cases where the boxer may need to be contacted regarding selection for Ireland Student Boxing teams or for other matters. This information is for the use of the IATBA committee only and will not be shared to third parties. Boxers’ win/loss record and championships history is also requested for the purposes of IATBA team representation.

The Junior Novice Category is intended for Competitors that are in boxing for no more than a year and have less than 6 bouts. Competitors that are in boxing for more than 1 year, and have less than 13 bouts must compete in the Senior Novice Category regardless of the number of bouts on their record book. This is to ensure that Boxers with more sparring experience do not obtain an unfair advantage over less experienced Boxers. All Competitors must include their date of registration on the Competition Entry Form (this will be checked at registration). For the same reason experience in other fight sports must be declared for safety reasons.

The entry fee per Boxer is €30 and must be prepaid for the entry to be accepted. No refunds will be made. In addition all third-level institutions entering Competitors for this Championships must pay an IATBA membership fee of €100 for 2018. Sport Officers / Club Officials are requested to contact IATBA at iatba2010@gmail.com to organize this payment as soon as possible, in order to facilitate the administration of the Championships.

Entry fees can be paid by credit/debit card via Paypal (for individual entries), or by cheque or bank transfer (where entries are made by college clubs). One of these options should be selected in the entry form. Receipts will be given for Paypal payments which can be presented for refunds.


  • Competitor entry fee is €30
  • Competitors must produce their Boxing Medical Book and their valid Student Identification Card for the current academic year.
  • Entries are subject to vetting and it is a condition of entry that all competitors and officials shall have signed the IABA Waiver / Members Acknowledgement Form.
  • Closing date for entries is 05 March 2018 AT 5PM
  • All associated fees for entries (Competitor & IATBA Membership) must be received by the IATBA Treasurer by 08 March 2018
  • Late entries will be accepted up to 5PM 08 March 2018 with an increased fee of €40



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