IATBA Championships Q-Finals

The IATBA Intervarsity Boxing Championships will commence at the National Stadium on Friday evening, 06 March, with 16 quarter-finals contests down for decision.

Friday 06 March Schedule:
Weigh-in: 8am – 9am (Boxers must indicate if they are using this option – no weight allowance at morning weigh-in)
5pm – 6pm (Boxers have an allowance of exactly 1Kg due to an evening weigh-in)

Boxers are requested to state which weigh-in they will attend by email to iatba.2020@gmail.com. If no email is forthcoming then the 5pm – 6pm weigh-in is assumed.


Boxers must present their boxing record book at the weigh-in.

Their student ID card must also be presented for checking.


  1. Target start time for boxing is 7.30pm.
  2. All Novice class boxers  must wear headguards
  3. Boxers with long hair must keep it contained within the headguard with a hair net or bandanna.
  4. Boxers must present themselves clean shaven for weigh-ins and bouts, and advise details of any medication they are taking, or have taken in the preceding 4 weeks.
  5. Coaches must wear tracksuits and trainers at all sessions, and endeavour to set a high standard of hygiene in the corners.
  6. All decisions must be accepted in a sporting manner.
  7. Seconds must collect their boxer’s record book from the top table right after the boxer has lost and the bout has been logged in their record book.
  8. Questions to the Supervisor’s table are not permitted unless absolutely essential – the top table must be able to concentrate fully on the field of play at all times.
  9. Checking of boxers’ record books by coaches or other boxers is prohibited – record books of boxers will be thoroughly checked by the organising committee to ensure that mismatches do not occur. Safety of all competitors is paramount.

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