IATBA Intervarsity Opens 2013 – 1st Weekend Results


James Kennedy (NUIG) v Eddie Whelan (ITT, D) Referee: Martin O’Neill

The 2013 IATBA Intervarsity Opens began last weekend at the home of Irish Boxing, The National Stadium. 102 student boxers from 21 colleges and universities weighed-in for the event. DCU, Inchicore CFE, Belfast Metropolitan College and Trinity College were competing for the first time in an IATBA event.

The DCU boxing team secured 6 wins from 8 bouts in the first weekend, with IT Tallaght taking 5 wins. The University of Limerick had a 100% record, winning all 5 of their bouts.

Results Saturday Feb 23, 2013

1. Novice 64 Kg Fionnbarr Thompson (UL) beat Stephen Murray (DCU) (Unan.)

2. Novice 64 Kg Tony McSweeney (UCC) lost to Alhassan Shaar (ITT, D) (Unan.)

3. Senior 69 Kg Paul Sweeney (GMIT) lost to Cian D’arcy (IT Tralee) (Unan.)

4. Novice 67 Kg Jack Higgins (NUIG) beat David Galvin (UCC) (Unan.)

5. Senior 69 Kg Diego Capucci (ICFE) lost to Michael Bustard (Trinity) (Maj.)

6. Novice 67 Kg Jack Haverty (UCC) lost to Kieran Farrell (NUIG) (Unan.)

7. Novice 75 Kg Paul Sweeney (GMIT) lost to Thomas Farrelly (Unan.)

8. Novice 75 Kg Kayode Ayidne (ITT, D) beat Derek Walsh (ITT, D) (unan.)

9. Novice 75 Kg Kyle Preston Kelly (UL) beat Alan Murphy (IT Carlow) (Unan.)

10. Novice 81 Kg James Kennedy (NUIG) lost to Edwin Whelan (ITT, D) (Maj.)

11. Novice 81 Kg Shane Trimble (DIT) beat Hugh O’Connor (Cork IT) (RSC 2)

12. Novice 81 Kg Ayotunle Bakare (GMIT) lost to Jamie O’Keefe (UCC) (Unan.)

13. Novice 81 Kg Conor Keane (IT Tralee) beat Thomas Ruane (GMIT) (Unan.)

14. Intermediate 71 Kg Oisin Morgan (DCU) lost to Bryan Walsh (DIT) (Unan.)

15. Intermediate 71 Kg David Lewis (UL) beat John Coyle (GMIT) (Unan.)

16. F Senior 60 Kg Deirdre Begley (UCC) beat Shauna Ward (NUIG) (Unan.)

17. F Senior 54 Kg Lily de la Cour (UCC) beat Jade Corcoran (ICFE) (Unan.)

Results – Sun Feb 24, 2013

1. Novice 91 Kg Taiwo Tibetan (GMIT) lost to Manus McHugh (LYIT) (Maj.)

2. Novice 71 Kg Austin Kenny (ITT, D) lost to Keith Neary (LYIT) (Unan.)

3. Novice 60 Kg John Quigley (DCU) beat John Evans (NUIG) (Unan.)

4. Novice 64 Kg Terry Keegan (DCU) beat Fionn Bowles (Cork IT) (RSC2)

5. Novice 64 Kg Liam Brennan (GMIT) lost to Faheem Noonan (GMIT) (Maj.)

6. Novice 64 Kg Parnell Watters (NUIG) lost to Séan Cuddy (DCU) (RSC3)

7. Novice 64 Kg Fionnbarr Thompson (UL) beat Alhassan Shaar (ITT, D) (Unan.)

8. Novice 71 Kg Eoin Raftery (ITT, D) beat Robinson Mondonedo (Cork IT) (Unan.)

9. Novice 75 Kg Chris McCarthy (UCC) beat Thomas Farrelly (IT Carlow) (Unan.)

10. Novice 71 Kg Samir Parker (GMIT) beat Eoin Stack (UCC) (Unan.)

11. Senior 69 Kg Daragh Finn (LIT Tipp) lost to Sheosamh Ferry (UL) (Maj.)

12. Senior 69 Kg Craig McCarthy (WIT) W/O

13. Senior 69 Kg Conor Duffy (DCU) beat Cian D’Arcy (IT Tralee) (RSCI 1)

14. Novice 71 Kg Daniel Fulham (ITT, D) beat Aaron O’Byrne (ITT, D) (RSCI3)

15. Novice 71 Kg Jack Ebbs (ITT, D) beat Daniel Winston (ITT, D) (Unan.)

16. Novice 71 Kg Adam Bruton (DIT) W/O

17. Novice 71 Kg Conor Egan (DIT) lost to Robert Egan (DCU) (RSC 3)

IATBA Inter varsity Opens 2013 – Sun Feb 24 Bout Order

Weigh-in 9 am-10 am sharp Ringside Club upstairs . Boxing to start immediately afterwards.


Red                                                                         Blue

1. 91 Kg Taiwo Tibetan (GMIT)                                        Manus McHugh (LYIT)

2. 71 Kg Austin Kenny (ITT,D)                                         Keith Neary (LYIT)

3. 60 Kg John Quigley (DCU)                                          John Evans (NUIG)

4. 64 Kg Terry Keegan (DCU)                                         Fionn Bowles (Cork IT)

5. 64 Kg Liam Brennan (GMIT)                                       Faheem Noonan (GMIT)

6. 64 Kg Parnell Watters (NUIG)                                     Séan Cuddy (DCU)

7. 64 Kg Fionnbarr Thompson (UL)                               Alhassan Shaar (ITT, D)

8. 71 Kg Eoin Raftery (DCU)                                         Robinson Mondonedo (Cork IT)

9. 75 Kg Chris McCarthy (UCC)                                    Thomas Farrelly (IT Carlow)

10. 71 Kg Samir Parker (GMIT)                                     Eoin Stack (UCC)


11. 69 Kg  Daragh Finn (LIT Tipp)                                Sheosamh Ferry (UL)

12. 69 Kg Ryan Harkin (NUIG)                                      Craig McCarthy (WIT)

13. 69 Kg Conor Duffy (DCU)                                      Cian D’arcy (IT Tralee)


14. 71 Kg Daniel Fulham (ITT, D)                               Aaron O’Byrne (ITT, D)

15. 71 Kg Jack Ebbs (ITT, D)                                     Daniel Winston (ITT, D)

16. 71 Kg Adam Bruton (DIT)                                     Luke Reilly (DIT)

17. 71 Kg Conor Egan (DIT)                                      Robert Egan (DCU)

IATBA Opens 2013 – Reminder



National Third-Level Open Intervarsity for Novice, Intermediate and Senior boxers.


Novice Boxer:          0-5 bouts

Intermediate Boxer: 6-15 bouts

Senior Boxer:          15+ bouts


Novice Boxer:          0-3 bouts

Intermediate Boxer: 4-10 bouts

Senior Boxer:           11+ bouts

The IATBA are the only boxing body recognized by CUSAI at third-level in Ireland. These competitions are open to current students in all CUSAI member institutions.
Dates:         Sat 23rd, Sun 24th Feb & Fri 1st, Sat 2nd March 2013

Venue:       National Boxing Stadium, South Circular Road, Dublin

First Weigh-in:   Saturday 23rd 11:30 am-12:30 pm (All boxers must weigh-in each day they box). All weigh-ins take place in the Ringside Club adjoining the National Stadium.

  • Boxers must produce their boxing book/card at the initial weigh-in
  • Boxers must produce their current valid student card
  • Boxers must present clean-shaven at the weigh-in

All entries must be received by 5 pm on Wednesday, Feb 20th, 2013

Entry Fee:  €10/boxer

Colleges can pre-enter boxers at their expected weights. Any late entries will incur an increased entry fee of €15. The tournament entry form is available to download (click here). Club secretaries or individual boxers are to email entry forms to their Institution’s Sports Officer (or equivalent), to then be forwarded to iatba.2010@gmail.com. Contact information for CUSAI member Sports Officers is available here.

It is the responsibility of each competing institution’s Sports Officer to ensure that each boxer entered meets the following eligibility guidelines:

1. Institutions entering boxers in IATBA organized competitions must be affiliated to the Colleges and Universities Sports Association of Ireland (CUSAI) and to the IATBA for the current academic year.

2.  A student must be fully registered and hold a student card for the institution with which they are internally registered for the current academic year. Students must be pursuing a course of study that leads to an award ranked at a minimum of Level 6 on the National Qualification Authority of Ireland framework, or the equivalent Level 4 on the Northern Ireland National Qualifications Framework, or Level C on the Northern Ireland FHEQ.

3. Boxers must be over 17 years of age and under 35 years of age.

The draw will take place following the weigh-in and boxing will commence at the time specified at the weigh-in. Times for boxing on Saturday and Sunday will be made known to the competitors following the draw. Food will be available at a reasonable price in the Ringside Club canteen at the Stadium, throughout the competition.

Attention is drawn to the change in weigh-in time on the first day from the time previously mentioned in the circular on our website. First weigh-in will now be on Saturday from 11:30 am-12:30 pm (to accommodate boxers travelling up long distances on the day). All other details will be dependent on numbers entering.

Weights for all female boxers – 52KG, 54KG, 57KG, 60KG, 63KG, 66KG, 70KG, 75KG, 81KG, 81+KG

Weights for Novice & Intermediate Boxers will be – 48KG, 51KG, 54KG, 57KG, 60KG, 64KG, 67KG, 71KG, 75KG, 81KG, 86KG, 91KG, 91+KG.

Weights for Senior Boxers will be – 49KG, 52KG, 56KG, 60KG, 64KG, 69KG, 75KG, 81KG, 91KG, 91+KG.

Membership Fee: €50 payable to the IATBA at the first weigh-in, for any college who has not paid for 2012/13 (i.e. those institutions not listed here: https://iatba.ie/memberinstitutions/).

IATBA Intervarsity Open 2013 – Entries Open

The Irish Amateur Third-level Boxing Association will be hosting the 2013 IATBA Intervarsity Open at the National Boxing Stadium, over the weekends of February 23rd, 24th  & March 1st, 2nd.  The tournament is open to male and female college and university student boxers from Novice up to Senior standard.

All college clubs/boxers wishing to enter should complete the competition entry form. Then email their entry form to their institution’s Head of Sport (Sports Officer), who should then forward the entries to iatba.2010@gmail.com.

Entries must be received by 5 pm on Wednesday, 20th February. The entry form is available to download.

An €10 entry fee per boxer applies. A cover charge for all spectators of €5 per day will also be in operation.

Colleges must also return a completed IATBA Member Institutions form. Colleges which have not yet paid their €50/£40 IATBA affiliation fee for the year must do so at the initial weigh-in.

All queries in relation to the Boxing Intervarsity can be forwarded to the IATBA, via email at iatba.2010@gmail.com, or by direct message to our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/IATBA.

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Postponement of IATBA tournament on Dec 15th

Unfortunately, the IATBA tournament scheduled for Dec 15th next in the National stadium is now cancelled due to a lack of entries. The IATBA hope to hold more tournaments next Jan/Feb in advance of the main event of the year, The IATBA Intervarsity Championships, which will be held February 23 & 24 and March 1 & 2 in the National Stadium.

Irish Amateur Third-level Boxing Association

IATBA Invitational Tournament

IATBA_BoxingThe Irish Amateur Third-level Boxing Association will be hosting an invitational tournament on Saturday, December 15th in the Ringside Club at the National Boxing Stadium, Dublin. This tournament would suit all boxers looking to gain competitive experience as Novice boxers before the IATBA Championships in Feb/Mar 2013. The tournament is open to male and female student boxers from Novice up to Senior standard. Boxers will be matched on weight and experience.

All boxers wishing to enter should complete the  competition entry form (click here). The college club email their boxers’ entry forms to their institution’s Head of Sport (Sports Officer), who should then forward the entries to iatba.2010@gmail.com. In colleges where there is no active club, boxers email their entry form directly to the Sports Officer. For this tournament, and all successive tournaments, IATBA will only accept entries from third-level Sports Officers.

A €5 entry fee per boxer applies. A cover charge for all spectators of €5 will also be in operation.

A check weigh-in will take place on the day to ensure no mismatches have occurred in terms of the weights of the boxers involved. A provisional start time of 1pm is envisaged with the check weigh-in taking place in the preceding hour. This start time is subject to change, depending on entries received. Entries must be received by 5pm on Wednesday, 12th December, 2012.


All boxers will be charged a €5 entry fee; payable at the scales. Boxers will be asked to show their student I.D card before weighing in.

All boxers must have an IABA boxing record book.

All Boxers must provide their own AIBA STANDARD & STAMPED head guard. Gloves will be provided.

No red/orange gum shields allowed.

Colleges are encouraged to wear their club colours if they have them, and to bring red and blue strips in case of a clash of colours.

Colleges must also return a completed IATBA Member Institutions form (click here), if they have not done so already, before entering boxers for this tournament.

5th World University Boxing Championships

Baku, Azerbaijan,  13 -18 November 2012

The 5th World University Boxing Championships took place in Baku, Azerbaijan from 13-18 November. The event featured 51 male boxers from 9 different nations. The hosts Azerbaijan emerged with the most gold medals, five in total, followed by Russia, with three. Full reports on these championships are available here.

The 6th World University Boxing Championships will be held in Colorado Springs, USA in 2014.

DIT Invitational Show

The annual DIT Boxing Invitational will be held on Thursday 6th December at DIT Kevin Street in Gleeson Hall.

Weigh In will commence at 1pm in Glesson Hall with the boxing scheduled to commence at 5pm.

General Admission will be €3.

For further information please directly email Adam Bruton, President of DIT Boxing Club.

Irish Amateur Third Level Boxing Association Championships 2012 – Full Results

Friday Feb 10, 2012 



60KG Liam Brennan GMIT/Galway B.C     3-11          Michael Thomas DIT

60KG Niall Barrett DIT                          10-3         Jordan Lynch IT Tallaght

67KG Ciaran Finnegan UCC                  10-5         Brian Fitzsimons IT B/town

71KG Conor Egan DIT                            1-10         Jamie Griffin NUI Maynooth

71KG Michael Murphy NUI Galway        12-4           Conor Keane IT Tralee

71KG Thomas Farrelly Carlow IT      won RSC2       Aaron Maguire UCC

75KG Jamie O’Keeffe UCC                       2-5            Richard Quinn IT Tallaght

75KG Daniel Breen IT Tralee                   3-5             Cian Dennehy Cork IT

75KG Joshua Aribasoye IT Tralee            1-8              Adam Bruton DIT

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The main boxing event of the third level boxing calendar was held in the National Boxing Stadium, Dublin on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February, 2012. The IATBA held their National Championships in the home of Irish boxing. The best student boxers from around the country assembled representing their third level institutions. Continue reading